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Hygieia Innovations and Technology

Hygieia’s mission is to impact lives through the transformative force of innovation in the areas of engineering, sanitation, and work-life solutions. Hygieia Innovations and Technology is led by the capable minds and hands of Hygieia Engineering Experts that provide strategic and holistic solutions to make work-life spaces thrive.

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Space Protected from Viruses and Bacteria using Air and Surface Sterilizer since January 2020 until today
Businesses Served
Hygieia provides end-to-end solutions for business facilities, industrial and commercial spaces, and clinical and medical institutions across the Philippines.
Products Delivered
Hygieia specializes in curating products that provide innovative solutions and meet the dynamic needs of work and home life.
Employees Benefited
Hygieia raises the bar when it comes to excellent customer service, pursuing customer satisfaction on all levels with an international standard of quality.



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